2024 SAVE Summer Initiative

The Issue

For many homeless and  disadvantaged children in Dallas, summer is a time of isolation, stress, academic regression, and even hunger due to lack of access to summer programs.

But at Interfaith, summer is a time for kids to thrive!

Our Solution

Children will interact with other children Monday–Friday from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm and enjoy two meals and a snack.

Each child will receive two hours per week of reading and math tutoring.

Children will experience the power of helping others through volunteer activities.

Children will explore through field trips, day camps, and away camps and they will also take swim lessons.

How You Can Help

Your donation will help Interfaith save summer in one of the following ways.

SAVE Summer Sponsorship Levels

  • $1000 sponsors a student’s complete SAVE Summer experience.

  • $500 provides two (2) months of reading and math tutoring for a student to prevent summer learning loss.

  • $250 sponsors one (1) teen’s college tour to promote higher education opportunities.

  • $100 provides two (2) weeks of nutritious meals and snacks.

  • $50 provides one (1) child with opportunities to be creative and safely socialize with their peers.

Click the donate button below to help us SAVE Summer! 

Alyssa | 9, 4th Grade

What I want to do for summer is go to the zoo because I like animals. And yeah, maybe swimming because it feels so fresh. I’ll eat yummy food, oh and go to a skating club. Maybe I’ll go to a toy shop, you never know. I’ll go camping and I like toasting marshmallows on the fire. I like dancing too, it’s so much fun. And what I love is a bracelet club, I love making them they’re the best. 


Aubrey | 11, 5th Grade

My fun summer would be playing on my PS5. I would also want to go to the pool and splash my sister so hard she flies to the other side of the pool. I would also go to sleep, mainly because who made school so early? Anyways, after everything else the thing that I would really want to do is go with my Nana to Paris this summer. Me and my Nana would go to Paris this summer, since when I was four years old, I have always wanted to go to Paris.


Awa | 8, 2nd Grade

What I like to do during the summer is go to the zoo, go to the pool, go camping, go skating, and go eat at CiCi’s Pizza. I will go to the movies and to the park.

Bobby | 6, 1st Grade

I like to play my games and watch some TV. I like to play with my baby brother and play with my mom, that’s all.


Carlyn | 12, 7th Grade

A fun summer for me is having fun with my friends, being able to play video games, watch movies, with not a lot to worry about. I would like to get a ticket on a plane to Connecticut so I can visit my family that lives there with my mom. I would like to watch my favorite movies, play with PJs on and a blanket to lay in. I’d also like to not worry about anything like my grades, family, anything I didn’t do or anything like those things. Sometimes I like to find new places to see or eat with my mom online.


Gianni | 8, 2nd Grade

What I like to do for summer is go to the pool and the park. Go to Urban Air and play with my cat at my house and play games like Connect4.