Our Solution

Our mission is clear: We empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty. Our methodology is simple.

First, we eliminate barriers.

You can’t build a life on unstable ground. That is why our first step is to eliminate the barriers that keep families in crisis from achieving stability. For families facing homelessness, we provide transitional housing in one of the 23 fully-furnished apartments that we own debt-free. For families who are behind on their rent or have other serious financial issues, we provide rent and/or utility assistance. For parents who cannot attend interviews or start a new job because of lack of funds for childcare, we provide free childcare.

Next, we equip parents.

Next, equip parents to overcome poverty by helping parents identify a purpose that will help them to go from “working to live” to “loving their work” via career coaching. We assist parents with increasing their earning potential though counseling to boast self-confidence, career assessments to help them identify the best career path, and career training to increase skills. We also provide financial coaching to help reduce debt, build a savings safety-net and make the most of their new income.

Then, we educate children.

Simultaneously, children are stabilized via our structured and nurturing Childcare Center and our Hope & Horizons Children & Teens Program. We build our children’s self-worth through affirmation, artistic expression, and activities that encourage them to dream. Then, we equip them with the skills to successfully pursue those dreams by providing tutoring to overcome academic gaps as well as play therapy and group counseling to ensure they develop the discipline and self-esteem necessary to succeed in and out of the classroom.