2023 SAVE Summer Initiative

Each summer, Interfaith Family Services provides safe, free programming to help over 100 homeless and low-income children have a summer they will never forget. While mom or dad works and trains to achieve greater financial stability, children at Interfaith will socialize with each other fun and child-friendly environment, receive reading and math tutoring each week to ensure academic advancement, learn the power of helping others through volunteer opportunities, and explore a variety of on-site and off-site camps.

This year, we ask that you help support the summer experience at Interfaith for 100 children. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to cover the costs of our Interfaith children’s unforgettable summer experiences.

Interfaith Kids Share Their Summer Dreams

Abie, 9, 3rd Grade

This summer I would like to do chores and work for money so I can save up to buy a PS4 or PS5. The game that I would like to play is 2K22. I really want to work hard so I can save money to buy Kobe Bryant’s jersey and shorts because I really love Kobe Bryant and I would like to play basketball a lot over the summer.


Ah’nya | 8, 2nd Grade

Fun summer I’ll go to my dad’s house and play Fortnite games and to my mom’s house to paint my nails. I like to ride my bike with my little brothers and play with my dog Coco.


Alhona | 9, 3rd Grade

This summer I’m going to the pool and play at the park with my friend Ava. I’ll have a sleep over, me and Ava. I’ll play all day. I want to go to Denny’s and eat pancakes.

Alyssa | 9, 4th Grade

What I want to do for summer is go to the zoo because I like animals. And yeah, maybe swimming because it feels so fresh. I’ll eat yummy food, oh and go to a skating club. Maybe I’ll go to a toy shop, you never know. I’ll go camping and I like toasting marshmallows on the fire. I like dancing too, it’s so much fun. And what I love is a bracelet club, I love making them they’re the best. 


Aubrey | 11, 5th Grade

My fun summer would be playing on my PS5. I would also want to go to the pool and splash my sister so hard she flies to the other side of the pool. I would also go to sleep, mainly because who made school so early? Anyways, after everything else the thing that I would really want to do is go with my Nana to Paris this summer. Me and my Nana would go to Paris this summer, since when I was four years old, I have always wanted to go to Paris.


Awa | 8, 2nd Grade

What I like to do during the summer is go to the zoo, go to the pool, go camping, go skating, and go eat at CiCi’s Pizza. I will go to the movies and to the park.

Bobby | 6, 1st Grade

I like to play my games and watch some TV. I like to play with my baby brother and play with my mom, that’s all.


Carlyn | 12, 7th Grade

A fun summer for me is having fun with my friends, being able to play video games, watch movies, with not a lot to worry about. I would like to get a ticket on a plane to Connecticut so I can visit my family that lives there with my mom. I would like to watch my favorite movies, play with PJs on and a blanket to lay in. I’d also like to not worry about anything like my grades, family, anything I didn’t do or anything like those things. Sometimes I like to find new places to see or eat with my mom online.


Gianni | 8, 2nd Grade

What I like to do for summer is go to the pool and the park. Go to Urban Air and play with my cat at my house and play games like Connect4.