the custom classes are stored in the master stylesheet

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The Issue page. Button says: “Read about Our Solution” which links to Our Solution Page
Our Solution page. Button says: “Learn More about Our Impact” which links to Our Impact Page
Our Impact Page. Button says: “Hear Client Success Stories” which links to Client Stories Page
Client Stories Page. Button says “Support Our Work” which links to Donation page
.leavesGreen {color:#9c3;}/* #8ec44c */
.leavesYellow {color:#cc3;}/* #d4db39 */
.leavesOrange {color:#f93;}/* #f39436 */
.leavesRed {color:#f63;}/* #f1613c */
.leavesPurple {color:#936;}/* #a0356a */
.leavesBlue {color:#6cf;}/* #4dc8f4 */

Default Heading H1

Default Heading H2

Special Heading H2 (class="cGreen")

Default Heading H3

Special Heading H3 (class="cGreen")

Default Heading H4

Special Heading H4 (class="cBlue")

Default Heading H5
Default Heading H6