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Coming Soon…Interfaith’s Family Empowerment Center

Our new Family Empowerment Center will allow Interfaith to expand upon its highly successful model by providing services to families in crisis before they become homeless.  While we will continue to offer our transitional housing program, we will also provide career coaching, financial coaching, counseling, and on-site childcare and children’s programs for an additional 200 families including 150 children who are on the brink of homelessness due to job loss, lack of childcare, and financial crisis.


Interfaith has acquired the 20,000 square foot lot behind its main campus via a grant from The Rees-Jones Foundation and funds from its reserves.  Shortly thereafter, we were blessed to acquire the neighboring duplex through two private donations. Currently, Interfaith owns the entire block on the corner of Hope Street and Ross Avenue.  The new facility will be built on that site in our booming East Dallas community where many working poor families are employed.


We will begin by addressing the need for affordable, extended hours childcare via the new Childcare and Youth Services Center (middle building in the picture). This center will serve children from 0 to 18 years of age through expanded after-school and summer programming. Doing so will ensure that children are equipped with the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty as their parents receive the supported needed to overcome it. (Ground-breaking in November 2017)


Next, we will address the need for training and financial support via the new Career and Financial Coaching Center (building on the left). This center will expand on-site career coaching, offer extended training sessions on nights and weekends, and provide financial coaching services for families in crisis. (Ground-breaking in November 2017)

The total cost of the Family Empowerment Center project is $11 million including the cost of the land. We are blessed to have currently raised $10.8 million from a variety of committed donors and supporters.  We are pleased to announce that we have recently met the criteria to receive the Mabee Foundation’s $1.2 million matching grant and partnered with the Dallas Development Fund to receive New Market Tax Credit Funding.  We officially began construction on May 23rd, 2018.  We are set to open the doors in June 2019.  For more information about the campaign, please contact Theresa Wansley at



1. The number of homeless families has risen by 60% since 2010.

2. Last year, there were 1849 homeless families in Dallas and 2750 homeless children were enrolled in DISD.

3. The working poor families need support to prevent the rise of homelessness.


Lack of Affordable Childcare

While 25% of working poor families work nontraditional hours, only 8% of all Dallas childcare providers offer nights and weekends. Improving access childcare can reduce a working mother’s need for public assistance.

Lack of Training Opportunities

The most reliable way to help families escape poverty is by equipping them with skills needed to secure sustainable employment. Yet, most states spend only a small fraction of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) funds on employment and training programs.

Lack of Temporary Support

Most working poor families are faced with returning to negative environments or applying for temporary subsidized housing (Section 8) when facing homelessness. However, it is usually not “temporary” support. In fact, families live in subsidized housing for an average of eight years.