Meet the Kids

Each summer, Interfaith Family Services provides safe, free programming for over 50 homeless and low-income children. While mom or dad works and trains to achieve greater financial stability, kids have the opportunity to (S)ocialize, receive (A)cademic support through math and reading tutoring, (V)olunteer in the community, and (E)xplore the world around them through field trips, summer camps, and college tours.

This year, we ask that you help support one child’s summer experience at Interfaith. Our goal is to raise $35,000 to cover the costs of each of our Interfaith children’s summer experiences.

Nicolas, Age 5

Jasmine, Age 7

Josiah, Age 6

Lexi, Age 6

Terrance, Age 9

Amyiah, Age 9

Khaleah, Age 8

Tierra, Age 8

Dominick, Age 8

Jayla, Age 10

Elijah, Age 10

Kierra, Age 11

Marcus, Age 11

Symone, Age 12

Jael, Age 12

Jurnee, Age 13

Trayvon, Age 14

Andre, Age 15