Thank you to those who helped SAVE Summer for 30 homeless children!

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Because of your gift to our organization, we are able to provide our children with the summer of a lifetime!


Why it is important to SAVE Summer?

  • Socialization. Many impoverished children spend the summer alone behind closed doors while their parents are working. However, Interfaith’s FREE summer program provides fun and educational programs Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Academic Advancement. Summer learning loss is a phenomenon that detrimentally impacts many low-income students. However, our summer program encourages reading and also provides personal tutoring in reading and math.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Students who perform voluntary community service are nearly 20% more likely to graduate from college than those who do not (Dávila & Mora, 2007). Each child in Interfaith’s program will also volunteer and learn that they too have a responsibility to build our community.
  • Exploration A visit to a museum can have a 20% higher information retention rate than if the same material was taught in a classroom (Harvard, 2011). Interfaith’s students will have an average of five field trips this summer ranging from museums visits, a college tour for teens, away-camps, and  Vacation Bible School classes.

For more information about our SAVE Summer program, please contact Ester Harrison, Senior Development Manager, at or (469)828-1806.