• Families must be homeless or have an eviction notice.
  • Parents must have remained employed on one job nine months or longer in the last three years.
  • Parents must have children in your physical/legal custody under the age of 18.
  • All members of the household are and have been drug-free for at least a year.
  • All members of the household must not have any violent or sexual offenses on their record.
  • All members of the household must be willing to participate in our very structured, accountability-driven program and abide by Interfaith’s rules and regulations including no alcohol, cable television, or unauthorized visitors on property.

Note: The above requirements do not guarantee your acceptance into the Home & Hope program. Acceptance into the program is ultimately up to the Interfaith Home & Hope Case Management Team.

The Home & Hope program relies on interviews with potential residents as well as applications to find families that best fit our program. Families interested in applying for the Home & Hope Program should call (214) 827-7220 or email our Screening Coordinator, Veronica LuJan at scoordinator@interfaithdallas.org.


If one or more of the requirements above does not apply to your family, you are not eligible for Interfaith’s Home & Hope program. Please check with any of the following organizations for help:

Emergency Housing

  • Austin Street Center | 214.428.4242
  • The Bridge | 214.670.1100
  • Dallas Life Foundation | 214.421.1380
  • Reconciliation Outreach | 214.545.6500
  • Salvation Army | 214.424-7000
  • Union Gospel Mission (Men) | 214.637.6117
  • Union Gospel – Center of Hope  (Women) | 214.638.2988

Transitional Housing

For Families  

  • Family Gateway | 214.741.6515
  • Housing Crisis Center-Home Again Program  | 214.221.0037
  • Shared Housing Center | 214.821.8510
  • Family Pathways | 214.319.3462
  • Bridges of Wisdom | 972.293.1816
  • Brighter Tomorrows | 972.254.4003
  • Buckner Family Pathways | 214.319.3420

For Singles                         

  • The Bridge |  214.670.1100
  • UGM River Pointe | 214.638.2988   (Single Women)
  • Destination Home | 214.808.2680